Special UK offer of titanium zinc!


  Special UK offer of titanium zinc!


Because of the expansion of NedZink in the UK we would like to offer you a special UK titanium zinc deal! In collaboration with our two distributors: Metal Solutions & SIG Zinc and Copper we can give you the best price in the UK! This offer is only valid when requested through our distributors.




Contact Person
Mr. John Flood
T: 07836773574
E: john@metalsolutions.uk.com




Contact Person
Mr. Simon Walker
T: 07775807900
E: simonwalker@sigplc.com

Please feel free to contact one of our distributors for samples, prices and other information!

This special UK titanium zinc offer is valid till 1st of August 2019.



NedZink offers a full range of pre-weathered titanium zinc in the colours NedZink NOVA, NedZink NOIR, NedZink NUANCE Green, NUANCE Red & NUANCE Blue.





Appartments Frankfurt - Germany                              

Material: NedZink NOIR

System: Standing Seam System