NedZink transforms factory!

Koramic/ElvalHalcor joint venture invests €20 million

NedZink transforms factory into state-of-the-art, sustainable production site

21 June 2018 - This afternoon saw Mayor Henri de Wijkerslooth launching the construction works at NedZink in the municipality of Cranendonck. By doing so, the Mayor gave the official go-ahead for Project Olympus 2017-2019, under the watchful eye of NedZink  CEO Egbert Boerrigter, representatives of Koramic and ElvalHalcor, NedZink employees and other invitees. During this two-year-long project NedZink will be transforming its factory in Budel-Dorplein into a state-of-the-art, sustainable production location. To achieve this, NedZink is also installing new machines while modernising the infrastructure and its buildings. A sum of €20 million is being invested in Project Olympus through the Koramic/ElvalHalcor joint venture.


The Greek concern ElvalHalcor became a 50% owner of NedZink a short while ago. Belgian Koramic owns the other half of the company that manufactures high-quality rolled titanium zinc for the construction sector, particularly for roofs, façade cladding and rainwater drainage. NedZink continues to be a fully independent company with its own subsidiaries in Germany and Belgium.

Investing in the future of zinc

With project Olympus NedZink is investing in the future of rolled titanium zinc in Europe”, explains NedZink CEO Egbert Boerrigter. “Zinc is a wonderful and natural product, it is sustainable and has a low environmental impact. These investments will enable us to produce rolled titanium zinc even more efficiently and sustainably.”

Conversion of the service centre and rolling mill

NedZink started preparations for Project Olympus in 2017. A local project group was put together supported by external engineering offices. They help NedZink with aspects such as civil engineering, building works and all other engineering activities. During the conversion NedZink will also be modernising the service centre and rolling mill. The service centre will  be expanded, with the rolling mill being largely refurbished. This will facilitate intelligent logistical benefits in the production process.  Various machines in the rolling mill and service centre are being replaced, along with the introduction of the latest production technologies. This will allow the production of titanium zinc with even greater efficiency and sustainability. This way, NedZink will, for example, cut the use of natural gas by more than fifty percent with the new equipment, while focusing strongly on the electrification of the production process.