Residential tower façade covering

“Treating the inside of NedZink NOVA with a Pro-Tec protective layer”

A brand new apartment complex has been built right in the centre of Kerkrade (The Netherlands). It’s a remarkably high, tapered circular building with NedZink NOVA.

The durable zinc product with a beautiful patina forms the main component of the façade covering of this chic residential tower - a design by Engelman Architecten from Roermond.

Project consultant Dennis Reek from the Zwaag zinc master Ridder Skins for Buildings raves about the impressive contrast between the glass and the vertical lines produced by the three-metre-long sheets of NedZink NOVA. Four workers fitted 300 m2 of zinc with a subframe in two months.  This great combination is the result. The NedZink NOVA sheets are fixed with clips to the damp-proof substructure of concrete, insulation, wood and a breathable water-resistant membrane. To protect the zinc from any (internal) condensation the inside of the NedZink NOVA was also treated with an extra coating."