The metamorphosis of zinc

The metamorphosis of bright-rolled to natural patinated titanium zinc

The famous Kurhaus in Scheveningen (The Netherlands) is an iconic building with a bright-rolled titanium zinc roof. As a result of the natural patina process the zinc surface undergoes a metamorphosis as time passes. The durable zinc roof covering on the Kurhaus acquires its characteristic and highly admired uniform mid-grey colour. NedZink NATUREL is titanium zinc with a bright-rolled surface. Through exposure to the outdoor air and the effect of moisture, NedZink NATUREL builds up a protective layer of zinc carbonate, the patina. This process starts right after installation. During the early years bright-rolled zinc may display a rather erratic appearance due to the developing patina. This patina process goes on to create a uniform patina. The weather conditions during its installation and the way in which the titanium zinc is stored before being fitted are important. However, the building's location and geometry, the presence of industry, the sun and the atmospheric composition all play a role in the patina-forming process.