NedZink NATUREL Pro-Tec in Brussels

NedZink NATUREL Pro-Tec enhances Belgian house

Schepdaal is a small village to the west of Brussels, in Belgium. It is home to a renovated house with a roof that was expertly covered with sleek, vertical standing seam sheets, by zinc worker Guldemont & Zonen from Lennik. The sheets of NedZink NATUREL Pro-Tec from zinc supplier Bouwpunt De Doncker in Ninove were affixed directly on to the non-ventilated substructure. The special dual component coating on the back protects the zinc from deterioration resulting from water vapour and other substances. Firstly, the NedZink NATUREL Pro-Tec sheets were accurately measured and then prefab mounted on the roof with clips. This was the first time that Guldemont & Zonen has worked with this specific zinc product. And they proudly announce that it was a great project, especially since it forms the ideal combination with the other building materials used.