NedZink NOVA pavilion

Sleek lines of NedZink NOVA embellish pavilion

The NedZink NOVA sheets that embellish the two upper droplet-shaped roofs of the new pavilion in Voorschoten are a feast for the eye. Zinc master Ridder Skins for Buildings from Zwaag diligently executed the symmetrical design by the Rotterdam architects firm Kokon Architectuur & Stedenbouw to perfection, in just one month. It appears to have been achieved with playful ease, but the project was characterised by many challenges. "Because each roof tapers off, the radius varies. Therefore, a breakdown was produced in AutoCAD first. To make sure it was totally consistent, the tapered NedZink NOVA sheets were measured on site. Afterwards the profiled sheets were prepared. This produced all sleek, equal 'pie wedges' of NedZink NOVA. These were then affixed to a ventilated timber frame substructure fitted with a rough spruce siding, ventilation space, breathable, water-resistant membrane and insulation. As the two roofs intersect, the ceiling and the circular fascias were also covered in NedZink NOVA. The latter with vertical, segmented zinc hook sheets so that they appear circular from a certain distance.”