NedZink NATUREL in Aalden (The Netherlands)

Remarkable company building fitted with handmade sections of NedZink NATUREL

This brand-new company premises in Aalden in Drenthe is a thing of beauty. The organic building is a combination of natural materials in optima forma. The round sedum roof, the subtle roof edges and horizontal NedZink NATUREL sheets, the narrow, vertical windows, wooden façades resting on matching brick walls: everything is in perfect harmony. Owner, Hans Erkelens, of zinc worker Erkelens customisation in zinc, copper and lead, is rightfully proud of this amazing zinc project. “This wasn’t about just getting the job done, it’s pure customisation! We have a great deal of experience so were asked to carry out the precision work for the NedZink NATUREL. We produced each section of zinc by hand and fitted them together to achieve the correct dimensions. The alignment alone was extremely time-consuming. However, it was more than worth it because it really showcases our skill.”