Unique look thanks to NedZink NATUREL

NedZink NATUREL vertical standing seam roof system in Emmen

The new residential complex, consisting of 24 family homes in the centre of Emmen, boasts a unique look thanks to its NedZink NATUREL vertical standing seam roof system spanning over two thousand square metres. The decision to use NedZink NATUREL was taken by architect duo Timur Shabaev (Russia) and Marco Galasso (Italy) in close consultation with zinc worker Erkelens, customisation in zinc, copper and lead. Owner Hans Erkelens believes that NedZink NATUREL is not only easy to work with, but is also always readily available. “We measure the façades and roof surfaces first, after which we receive the customised sheets of NedZink NATUREL in no time at all. We then install them on the ventilated wooden sub-structure using clips. We finished the job with a team of five specialists in record time. We know the ropes because we often work on these types of large-scale projects. The profile system is often the same. The only thing we don’t have is the exact measurements. So, that’s always the ultimate challenge in every project.”