NedZink NOIR; peaceful contrast

NedZink NOIR creates a harmonious contrast with the existing materials

People nearing the end of their lives can spend this last phase at Hospice Kajan in Hilversum. This monumental villa, built in 1928 and surrounded by green, provides the perfect place to say good-bye to life, and to family and loved ones, in utter peace. The hospice was recently renovated and the back has been extended with a roofed structure (multifunctional room) and an annex (extension of the existing living room).

“What’s so special about this is that the façades of both annexes are clad with NedZink NOIR horizontal seam bays,” explains architect Marcel Klomp from Klomp Architecten BNA in Houten. He worked on this project in close cooperation with Bouwbedrijf Elberse in Houten and the zinc processing company, Installatiebedrijf Ron Missler in Nieuwegein. “Because a vulnerable group of individuals live in the hospice, it was important to create a peaceful, calming atmosphere. And the lovely, dark matte colour of the NedZink NOIR is utterly perfect for this. The natural material isn’t overwhelming and creates a harmonious contrast with the existing materials used in this monumental building and the lush landscaping of the location.”