Transport and storage



NedZink bright-rolled and preweathered material must be transported under dry and ventilated conditions. Avoid contact
between the zinc surface and moisture during handling and transportation. Provide abrasion protection when
transporting, avoid tight stacking and transport covered material on dry pallets.

Due to the acidity of perspiration, fingerprints may become permanent blemishes if not removed quickly. When
handling the NedZink material during transportation, fabrication and installation it is advised to wear gloves.



Store NedZink bright-rolled and preweathered material on dry pallets on a dry floor. While in storage contact
between the zinc surface and moisture must be avoided. Provide ventilation to the covered materials. Allow
materials to sit unopened for several days at the storage site to acclimation to the area’s temperature and
humidity before processing.


PE protective film for NedZink NOVA and NedZink NOIR.

For special uses material with a single sided PE protective film on the finished side can be ordered.
NedZink NOVA is then provided with a transparent, self-adhesive PE-foil for additional protection of the
surface during the application. This film protects the surface from damage and contamination during assembly or subsequent work. The protection is only functional when the film is not damaged. The adhesion of the film can be stronger in colder periods of the year. The PE protective film should be removed as soon as possible after installation. The temperature of the zinc should be at least 7 ° C. Below the 7 ° C temperature, the film can not be removed.Do not remove the film partially as this may lead to unevenness of the patina and the formation of zinc hydroxide stains. It is not durable UV resistant and intended only for temporary protection. Particularly at high solar radiation and high metal temperatures there is a risk of damage. The film should not be used in fabrication techniques such as a standing seam. 


 Rules for transportation and storing NedZink material


  • Max. until 10 pallets maximum for sheets


  • Max. 4 pallets on each other for sheets

  • Please protect from getting wet

  • Has to be stored dry and ventilated
  • Please avoid condensation

  • NedZink NTZ can be recycled completely

NedZink recommends a humidity of maximum 60-70% and a stable temperature of 12-14º Celsius.

Please prevent from getting damaged.